Early Childhood Educators Day 2021 (Pt 2)

Early Childhood Educators Day 2021 (Pt 2)

Leyla : 

Leyla makes us feel safe, happy and loved. Arlen loves spending time with Leyla. He loves the jokes she tells and games she plays. He also loves the cuddles and to be carried around. Thanks for everything you do for Arlen and our family. ~ Jeyda 

Leyla is a part of our family. She loves my children like they are her own and she genuinely delights in their achievements and developments. I sometimes worry she won’t give them back at the end of the day. My children are so comfortable at her house and in her care, they don’t look back at me when I drop them off. She will drop everything to help my family during our tough times and celebrates the good times along with us. She is amazing with all of the children and they come home with lots of new skills and better behaviour as well. We are so blessed to have found Leyla ❤ Rebecca

Marie : 

Clara is always excited to go to Miss Marie's house. It's wonderful because if it was not a place she loved going it would be a very hard and emotional drop off each morning. Clara loves the whole family and her friend she gets to play with every day. ~ Cat 

Melissa : 

Melissa is absolutely amazing for my little guy! He has just turned 1 and my first I was so stressed about Lukas going to school but Mel has made it a breeze to adjust. I get frequent updates through out the day of he had a rough morning to put my mind at easy for the day, once Luke is there he doesn't want to leave x ~ Sheridon

Mel is a amazing educator for my daughter harper is has brought harper through so many ups and downs since harper was 1 year old harper has made so many friends with mel and absolutely adores mel in every way possible. ~ Melissa 

Landon’s face lights up in the morning when I tell him he is seeing Mel and his friends today! I really appreciate the time and effort Mel puts into making sure each day is fun and educational! The love and care she shows towards Landon makes me feel so comfortable and confident. We love, value and appreciate Mel so much and feel very lucky to have found her! ~ Sophie 

Nadine :

Nadine is our before and after school care educator. We know we have a great educator when Sienna is hugely disappointed and sends us home to pick her up later if we ever turn up early. She loves going to Nadines before and after school. ~ Rachel

Nicole : 

Nicole is my kids educator! She and her family are always amazing. She treats the kids like her own. Nicole can't do enough for the kids and families she looks after. Don't know what we would do without her. ~ Kath 

Nicole looks after Hannah and she is amazing. Both herself and her family are so loving and warming to my little one. I have seen Hannah grow so much and learn so much and it’s all because of the support and care Nicole puts into the children.
Nicole is not only just teaching Hannah new things I’m learning so much as a new mum from her as well.
Thank you Nicole for everything you do. ~ 

Robyn :

Robbie is amazing. Amity has been in her care now for just over a year and she responded so quickly to Robbie when she started. She is always accommodating and communicates very well so everyone is aware of what is going on. Always a big THANK YOU to Robbie!! ~ Nath and Kate Watts

Sabrina : 

Our educator Sabrina is so patient and caring, we’re so lucky to have her in our lives. Our daughter Florence loves going to daycare 5 days a week and has the best time. She gets so much love and attention and the bond she has with Sabrina is just so sweet. Sabrina has welcomed us into her home for over 2 years now, it’s so sad to think next year will be Florence’s last year before big school! We love Sabrina and appreciate everything she does for us xx - Tammy 

Sabrina is our amazing educator. Sabrina has been our family day care mum for almost 3 and a half years.
My little girl is so lucky to have someone that cares so much for her. Sabrina is always organising creative and educational experiences for the children that attend, I know my little girl has learnt so much. Sabrina always makes me feel included and welcome as a parent.
I can’t thank her enough. - 

Sally : 

Sally. Where do I even begin...?! Sally goes above and beyond in every way with all of the children she cares for. She cares, supports, role models and teaches my children every time they are in her care. The learning and play opportunities she provides never cease to amaze me. Her creativity and passion make such an enjoyable experience for all the children. My children continually learn, develop and most importantly have a lot of fun under Sally’s care and for this I am grateful. – Courtney

Before meeting Sally, I was ready to tell my work that I was not returning as I did not feel comfortable leaving him but the moment I walked in the door to meet Sally I knew it was the right place for Lorik and was so relieved. 

Sally made us both feel very comfortable and welcome. She goes above and beyond to ensure each of her children are receiving the best care for their individual needs. I love seeing the picture updates of all the creative and fun things the children get up to throughout the day. 

We are very grateful to have found Sally and can’t wait to see Lorik and Sally relationship continue to grow. ~ Mandy  

Samantha : 

My grand children’s educator Samantha has really been amazing, she has been there to support the kids both in and out of day care and myself sometimes. She has helped Miss M to get professional help while still under going court hearings and visits with her mother, she has helped Jayson to feel like he belongs as he has really been struggling lately especially with not being at home any more. Sam has helped Jayson to read more often and showed Miss M school can be done without all the hustles. The kids love going to Sam’s and I know they can be a handful sometimes. So thank you Sam we really love you and appreciate your efforts ~ Megan 

Sanah : 

I love taking Karter to Sanah’s day care. He always comes home in the happiest of moods chatting away about his day with Sanah and the bigger kids. He is always showing me things he has learnt and small improvements in his independence. Sanah has been the loveliest caregiver, she always communicates about Karters day and has made us both feel welcome despite the short time we have known her. I am glad I have chosen her to teach and care for my little Karter. ~ Kimberly 

Sanah is wonderful in every sense! We are always greeted with a happy, smiley face at drop off and pick up. Sanah is energetic, personable and caring. She engages the kids in a variety of different educational indoor and outdoor activities. My son has developed socially and has learned so many new skills since being with Sanah. We are lucky to have found her! ~ Lauren 

Sarah :

Sarah looks after my son Koah, she is an amazing educator! My son has been attending her daycare since February and was non verbal when he started. Since then he’s come the longest way thanks to Sarah. Koah adores Sarah and I know that sending him to daycare with her he is well looked after & happy. She goes above and beyond for her kids and we appreciate her so much! 


Sarmin : 

Sarmin is caring and accommodative with Laya. She makes her feel very comfortable. There is wide range of activities conducted to keep kids happy as well as learn at the same time. ~ Yuva

I am very grateful to you for looking after my daughter(Amreen) the mornings she goes to you. She also loves you so much that she recognises you are her one and only Auntie. ~ Durr-e 

Sharmin : 

Sharmin has had Tay since 7 months and love that her and her family love Tay celebrate her milestones introduced her to new experiences and continues to support me working through this strange time. Thank you Sharmin for all that you do ~ Ashley 

Sharmin is very kind and caring. Hunter absolutely adores her and loves going to her house everyday. She is amazing with hunter and he has learned so much and come along way since in her care. ~ Erica

Stephanie : 

Dillon absolutely loves steph, even on days she doesn’t go Dillon will ask if she can see steph and that to me is everything I wanted. Steph has made my daughter so comfortable and she looks forward to days at daycare now. Steph is so good at communicating with parents and is always getting us involved which I love. I never want Dillon to leave haha, and I’ll definitely be sending any of my future kids to her.💞 ~Tahlia

Suzanne :

We're so lucky to have found Suzanne, Thomas absolutely loves her (he says she's his best friend and he loves her :) He has learn't so much in the time he spends at daycare, we are constantly blown away by how much Suzanne teaches him, and his manners, it makes me so proud. ~ Zoe

We love Suzanne! She has made such an engaging space for the kids, Mack absolutely loves daycare. He runs in everyday without looking back- total credit to Suzanne! She makes everyone feel safe and welcome and provides thoughtful and fun activities everyday. So grateful for Suzanne! We would be lost without her! ~ Lindsay 

Tanjina : 

Our beautiful educator Tanjina Nasrin, Thank you for your hard work in supporting our daughter Georgia as she develops. Your patience and commitment to supporting my child has mean a lot to us & She comes home every day with smiles on her face. Thank you for instilling this love of learning into our child. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow this year 💕 Kathie 

Tanjina is an incredible educator. My little girl Daleah just adores her. She is patient, caring & loving. I feel happy knowing Daleah is happy & well looked after whilst I work. Thank you Tanjina for all of your continued hard work & care. Xo ~ Danica

Taylor :

I haven’t been with Taylor all that long but man she adores my children! And it shows with the amount of care she puts into them. It’s so lovely when an educator is as excited about milestones as you are yourself I.e my little one learning to walk! With my elder son, Taylor has gone above and beyond to make him feel comfortable with her in the little time they have been with her. This is saying a lot as he is a special needs child and does not take easily to new environments. Dion always comes home with happy stories and a huge smile on his face. Huge thank you to Taylor. ~ Sarah

Valantina :

Valentina is truly family to us now. She loves my boys as much as I do and treats them as her own. She is always so creative with activities and my boys love her dearly. We could not imagine life without Valentina and her family. ~ Natalie