Early Childhood Educators Day 2021 (Pt 1)

Early Childhood Educators Day 2021 (Pt 1)

To our amazing educators. I would like to say a huge thank you for all that you do.

As you can see from all the beautiful messages your families truly appreciate all that you do for them. I am so proud to have you a part of my service and I can’t believe that it has nearly been 5 years since we opened. 

We have been through some tough times and still continue to work though what COVID-19 is throwing at us but you all keep on providing care to your children and families. 

I would also like to say a huge thank you on behalf of Si’i, Lyn and Lara who appreciate all that you do.

Please enjoy reading some beautiful messages from your families.

Alana & Michele :

I never thought I would be so lucky to find such beautiful women who loved & accepted my children so freely.They aren’t just educators or a needed resource. . . . They have become our family. Helping raise our children to become whoever it is they are going to be.

Belinda :

Grace adores her teacher Belinda. In 7 months Bel has helped bring Grace out of her shy shell and become the cheeky, playful, social girl I knew she could be. Nothing makes me happier than knowing how happy and cared for she is each school day with Bel. ~ Samantha

Carola :

Carola is a fantastic educator and I'm so grateful we found her. She's 100% child focused, and gives so much to the kids. She has boundless energy but is also incredibly compassionate and kind. A big thank you from us for all the work and effort that she puts in. ~ Solange

Our educator is Carola and we think she’s amazing! So nurturing towards the children, very kind and always doing what’s best for them. We are really grateful to have found her, and Fletcher loves visiting her each day. ~ Danica

Carola is our amazing educator . Sadie loves her daycare days she gets ready goes to the door ready to go. Glad I put out a call out for day care positions in my area and Carola answered my call. We drop Sadie off and she goes mostly without tears and straight out the back to play. Thank you Carola we are lucky we found you !! ~ Rebecca

Casandra :

Cas has been fantastic. It has been Rú's first year in day care and she has really helped settle Rú in and also been so patient and understanding about any worries/concerns we have had too. ~ Vanessa

Corrine :

Corrine goes above and beyond with my daughter, she’s very understanding and flexible to my routine and happy to oblige to it all, the amount of happiness and joy my daughter has when she sees corrine really puts me at ease, i could not love her any more. I feel so blessed my daughter and i found her, to assist in supporting and educating my daughter. I feel reassured leaving her in Corrine’s safe caring care every time. ~ Cherece

Corrine is an amazing educator not only to our son Dalton but all the kids she cares for, she’s always been so warming from day one, i felt completely comfortable leaving our son in her care and quickly put me at ease when the dropping off was hard for Dalton. Dalton has learnt a lot and come out of his shell since starting family day care with Corrine. I can see she treats the kids like they’re her own. They all have so much fun and we will be forever grateful for the amazing job she’s done with our son Dalton. We are so lucky to have found her. Thank you Corrine! ~ Katyanne

Elianor :

Elianor has been amazing for Felicity who had previously had an unpleasant experience with mainstream daycare. Felicity loves going to “Eli’s house” and speaks frequently about Eli when she’s at home. Eli takes time and effort to ensure Felicity’s needs are met and works with me if something is a little off to ensure she’s back on track. Eli treats Felicity like she is one of her own, and Felicity has come out of her shell and has learnt so much in the short amount of time she has been with Eli. Felicity loves going to Eli’s and talks non stop about all the things she did at Eli’s house when she gets home. Thank you Eli for everything you have done and are doing for Felicity. ~ Kylie

Elise W :

Miss Elise is the most kind and caring person and we are so grateful every day that we found her to take care of our little boy Thomas and shortly his little sister Emily. Thomas adores her! Prior to Thomas commencing daycare we were so worried about how Thomas would cope but he loves it so much that there are some days that he wants to stay. As a parent this is the greatest relief.

Miss Elise is wonderful and has created such a beautiful environment for all the children. The activities she does with the children are fantastic. It is obvious why Thomas loves his time at daycare with Miss Elise. In addition to all of this, Miss Elise has gone above and beyond to help us out during the pandemic. We could not be more happy with this amazing early childhood educator 😊 ~Tashpage3image59775936

Elise F :

Elise is a true gem; so full of love and care for the children she looks after. I’m so very grateful we found her. Sieannah adores her. ~ Jane

Janene :

We love how Janene always makes sure the kids have new and exciting things to play with and tools to create. Not only does this aid in our little one’s use of imagination, it keeps him stimulated and excited for the array of new and exciting activities that Janene prepares, while supporting the learning requirements / curriculum. ~ Charmaine

Janene’s place has become one of Williams favourite places to go. He skips to her house with a big smile and walks in the door knowing he will have a happy day. We love that he does all kinds of activities and plays with other children in a warm and creative atmosphere, all thnks to Janene! ~ Danielle

Joanne :

JoJo is the best. We simply don't worry at all when Kieran is at Jo's. She is helping Kieran turn into a kind an generous young man interacting with kids younger and older. Kieran loves going to Jo's and all the excursions (pre lockdown) she takes him on. We are lucky to have Jo in our lives. ~ Rohan

Amara is always excited to spent the day at Jo’s. Whether they’re off on an excursion or staying at home they always seem to have a fun day. We really appreciate Jo’s relaxed yet professional attitude, her wealth of experience and her humour. We love you Jo and feel lucky to have you in our lives. ~ Emma

Karen :

Karen is an absolutely amazing educator. My son started at 8 months old and has loved it from the first day. As soon as he wakes up he says 'car' because that means we will be going to see her. He always has a smile on his face and I know he is safe and will have a great day being in the care of Karen. She is very creative and everyday there are different resources for the children to engage with. I absolutely love bringing my son to Karen, she truly loves her job and all her children. Thank you Karen for educating my son and everything that you, do not only for the children but their families as well. ~ Kristen

Karen R is a great educator. My three children are/have all been to her centre. My youngest has just started and he has been diagnosed with severe hearing loss. When I spoke to her about a possible start date she began learning key word signs in Auslan and passed this knowledge onto the other children who attend. They are all able to communicate with him and I'm very thankful. ~ Kathy

Katrina :

I wish to say that Katrina had been the most sincere, kind and caring person the kids and I have ever known. She looks after all my children with her utmost dedication and I can say she goes above and beyond for them. The kids love her. There is no day that goes by that my children never mention Katrina to me and how much they want to go back just to be with her. They all look up to her and I know for them, it is like their second home. I would love to say, on behalf of my family, a BIG THANK YOU to her! ~ Becki

Kay :

Kay is an absolute gem and has been so wonderful to our two girls. She is so calm, warm and always encouraging. We love the creative projects that come home, the smiles and the stories from the day. We are so lucky to have Kay as part of our family journey! ~ Victoria

Kay is such an amazing educator! She has played a huge role in my children’s lives and I will forever be grateful for all of her hard work! Kay has cheered my kids on and helped them develop through their early years. Kay will always hold a special place in our family. ~ Elise

Kay is the perfect example of someone who has found their calling. She has a lovely, calm and gentle manner while being incredibly organised and practical. She is obviously passionate about early childhood education which is clear from the time and thought she puts into her program. We feel so fortunate to have found Kay. ~ Emily

Kristen :

Kristen looks after my son Ashton and she is absolutely amazing with him! Ashton has separation anxiety and also has some medical conditions that cause quite some problems and Kristen is so accommodating for it all. She goes above and beyond to not only help Ashton but my family also. I am very proud to call her Ashtons teacher but also a family friend ❤ We love her like she is one of us ~ Richelle

Leonie :

William loves going to Leonie's house. He always comes home and says "I had a good day today". Leonie's family is like his second family. William is comfortable in Leonie's care environment and always talks about Leonie's own children as well.~ Corinne

Leonie is wonderful. Charlotte is not only obsessed with miss Leonie but her whole family. Everyday including weekends she asks if she’s going to miss Leonie’s today. On the weekends she pretends to be miss Leonie and talks to her family and animals. She has developed so well under Leonie’s care. I fee like she’s going to thrive at big school next year thanks to the care and nurturing that she’s gotten from Leonie. I feel so lucky to have found Leonie and I can’t wait to send my little Jensen to her next year. ~ Katie