Funzies Family Daycare

Funzies Family Daycare

Hi! I'm Elise, and I'm in Mangerton. My service (Funzies Family Daycare) has been focussing on sustainability and improving our natural playspaces over the last few weeks. We have created some beautiful new Discovery Shelves using upcycled milk crates in our Children's Sensory Garden for the children to explore and use their senses to play and learn. We have small, smooth pebbles and straw in pots- with shells to be added in the next week too! The children love finding all sorts of different insects and bugs in the Garden- which sometimes we catch so we can study them 

We were donated some empty Mini M&M's containers from one of our families and the children painted them made shakers out of them with tiny gravel inside! They make a great noise

Our new friend for Scooter the Axolotl arrived all the way from Melbourne- his name is Skater (the white one) Scooter and Skater are already best friends and the children just love to help take care of them!

I love incorporating sustainability and caring for animals into our program and encouraging children to show respect for recycling, living things and the environment!