Educator Profile - Janene

Educator Profile - Janene

Educator Profile - Janene

Location: Gledswood Hills

How long have you been working in Family Day Care? 8 years.

Why do you enjoy being an educator? I love the bond that I am privileged to build with all the children and families that I have had/have in my service. Building strong relationships is something I feel is a key part in what I do as a family daycare educator. 

What is your favourite pastime? Time with my family and traveling.

What is your favourite food? Avocados.

Cities, countries you have visited. Tasmania, Townsville, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne and South Australia and I am finally getting to go overseas for the first time at the end of the month -  Bali here I come.

All Time Favourite Activity to do with the day care children? Loose Parts offers many opportunities for children to use natural materials and objects in their environment. This allows them to make meaning of the natural world around them and manipulate materials however way they would like. Loose parts provide many experiences for children to be creative, curious and imaginative.